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Novak ignores her words and calls her by her original name telling her to drop the act.

But, Cassandra refuses to take her original name and still wants to be called Cassandra Sullivan.

Scott still in complete loathing anger towards Cassandra/Denise for deceiving him and his friend, Riley who was also or possibly been raped by her as well, because they thought she was 16 and took advantage of them both.

However, she quick contempts him of seeing the murderer of who he is.

At court, Scott testifies against Cassandra Sullivan.

When Scott figured out that she was an adult, he felt deceived and angry, because of her appearance; Novak also asked him, if he ever had sex with Cassandra/Denise; Scott answered yes.

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When Detectives Benson and Stabler enter, Casey Novak told them that she had to refile her and think Denise will accept to take the plea now. A.s' from other states will be just as lenient, as it turns out that she will face numerous charges from other states; and, Benson told Novak that Denise's story came to light on the news wire, other boys are coming forward.After the key witness, the victim's girlfriend, Cassandra Sullivan, fails to show up at the sentencing hearing, Scott is sentenced to probation.